Nov 6, 2008

A Perfect Record

From a press release:
In the spirit [state?] of Michigan where the personal injury Law Office of Mayer B. Gordon represents Social Security Disability Claimants, slightly over 50% of Claimants were granted Social Security disability benefits in the year 2007. This is in sharp contrast to Mayer B. Gordon's amazing recovery rate of 100% for his Social Security Disability Clients. ...

The Law Office of Mayer B. Gordon found a solution for their clients. A whopping 77% of Claimants never have to appear for Social Security Disability Hearings. For this fortunate group of 77% the waiting time is slashed significantly. When asked how he achieves these outstanding results on behalf of his clients, Mr. Gordon stated: "I created the culture, but I can't fully take the credit. I have the hardest working, most knowledgeable and dedicated staff in the country." Kathy Sterbling, my paralegal with 30 years of experience, spearheads our team. They treat each and every client with courtesy and respect. This is the way they would like to be treated. We handle Social Security Disability cases with the same care that we put into multi- million dollar medical malpractice, birth injury, auto injury or any other personal injury cases that we have handled over the past 30 years". Mr. Gordon went on to explain that his staff went to great lengths to collect, develop and correlate medical data on each client which they submit to the Social Security Hearings office in brief form, well in advance of the hearing date. This requires dedication to the clients they serve and old fashioned hard work.
Some years ago a woman called me. She said that she had a Social Security disability claim and was looking for representation. She had a question for me. Her question was whether I had ever lost a Social Security disability case. I told her I had. She said that she wanted to hire me. She gave as her reason the fact that she had talked with another attorney and he had boasted to her that he had never lost a Social Security disability case. She said she knew that he could not have represented many Social Security disability claimants. She decided that she had better look for someone with more experience.

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