Oct 13, 2011

Hearing Office Processing Time Report

Hearing Office Processing Time Report September 13, 2011


Anonymous said...

so, I work in a hearing office, and curiously, our "systme" has blocked the content of this posting.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, it's not a conspiracy. The "sytem" automatically blocks social publishing sites like scribd.

Anonymous said...

This is a suggestion from an ODAR retiree to people still on this inside.

It's likely that the same info that Charles T. Hall is reproducing from NOSSCR's newsletter (my copy just arrived in today's mail) is immediately avaiable to you via SSA's Intranet. I remember being able to see this same stuff off the CALJ's internal website. Darn if I can remember the name of the report. Netstat? Something like that. What tickles the memory is that there was a link somewhere at the lower left hand corner of the CALJ's web page.

I'm wondering if any of you hearing office folks would want to say whether NOSSCR's Forum circulates in your office. It did in mine. But then, I was in the Office of Appellate Operations, not a hearing office.

Not so very many people read it in my shop. That very much includes attorney advisors as well as others (although the Administrative Appeals Judges were certainly interested). That was their loss. NOSSCR obviously has concerns and interests that aren't central to insiders. About fees, for example. But if you didn't see this month's issue as an insider, you missed a really useful reminder about how SSA's own listings talk about the instability of IQ scores from before age 16.


Anonymous said...

Anon 9:32: how about staying off the Internet and work on bringing down the backlog (or some other function that you are paid to do)? You can visit Mr. Hall's site at home on your own time with your own equipment.