Oct 7, 2011

ALJ Meeting In San Antonio

     The San Antonio Express-News reports that the Association of Administrative Law Judges (AALJ), a union that represents Social Security ALJs is holding a conference in San Antonio this week. The AALJ president Randall Frye told the reporter about AALJ's concerns with security and backlogs. AALJ still wants a government representative at Social Security hearings.
     Coincidentally, the National Organization of Social Security Claimants Representatives (NOSSCR) is also holding a conference in San Antonio November 2-5.


Anonymous said...

claimant's reps better hope that the ALJ proposal to have a government rep at hearings never gets adopted. FF rates will drop dramatically!!

Anonymous said...

ALJ's better hope that the AALJ proposal to have govt reps at hearings never gets adopted. Govt reps will have the ability to settle cases, cases go away and so do numbers of ALJ's