Feb 24, 2012

Budget Committee Schedules Hearing

     The House Budget Committee, chaired by Paul Ryan, the fellow who persuaded Congressional Republicans to embrace a plan to end Medicare, has a hearing scheduled for February 28 on Strengthening Health and Retirement Security. The Chief Actuaries of the Social Security Administration and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services are scheduled to testify. 


Anonymous said...

"Strengthen" by raising the retirement age to 70. Maybe even 72. Or 80. And don't forget "waste, fraud and abuse".

Anonymous said...

"Under the GOP plan, drafted largely by Budget Committee chairman Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, it would be changed into a program which subsidizes the purchase of health insurance by individuals."

So don't make it sound like people would be lefty without any health insurance.

Anonymous said...

Another example of how the Republicans will help themselves in the upcoming election.

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