Feb 4, 2012

White House Conferences On Disability

From the UCP Washington Wire:
 White House to Hold Series of Disability Conferences
The White House will be holding a series of regional, multi-agency disability conferences between March and July. The final list of cities and dates include:
  • Columbus, OH  - March 14
  • Austin, TX - March 28
  • Los Angeles, CA - April 12
  • Denver, CO - April 25
  • Atlanta, GA  - May 11
  • Boston, MA - May 23
  • Minneapolis, MN - June 6
  • Orlando, FL - June 15
  • Kansas City, MO - July 11
Social Security will certainly be involved to some extent. I hope that people begin to realize that while wheelchair access to buildings is important, it is only a minor aspect of the entire spectrum. of disability issues. Adjudicating claims for disability benefits on a timely basis is crucial.


Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting. I wonder if they are interested in hearing about how some of these ALJ's are behaving towards claimant's. Nah, never have been. Why start now? Carry on.

Deb - MERIL said...

Do you know where the Kansas City event will be held?