Feb 16, 2012

I Wonder

 NASA has just retired its last mainframe computer. Is Social Security still using mainframes? Should it be?


Nobbins said...

And how. Whatever SSA is currently using, it was built by the Byzantines, I think.

A new facility is being built, but they're taking their sweet time on it. It took them 3 years to find a site and a contractor. And now that they have the contractor, the inevitable construction delays and contract disputes can begin in earnest.

Nobbins said...

Sorry, meant to leave the source for my comment:


And, just for fun:
"Data center design for bozos: Social Security’s National Computing Center"

Anonymous said...

Yes. SSA still has a mainframe, PCOM. SSA has been trying to upgrade it, and had requested money to do so, but Congress denied the request and cut SSA's budget instead...

Anonymous said...
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