May 15, 2012

ALJ Krafsur Resigns After DUI Arrest

     Gerald Krafsur was an Administrative Law Judge (ALJs) at Social Security's office in Kingsport, TN. He was arrested on May 2, 2012 for driving under the influence and speeding.  My understanding is that he has now resigned. I don't know what happened after the arrest but Krafsur had a history of approving almost all claims that he heard.
     What has happened when other ALJs got into this sort of trouble? Don't try to tell me this hasn't happened before. With almost 1,500 ALJs, it's no insult to say that drunk driving charges are going to happen from time to time.

Update: The Wall Street Journal says that Krafsur is on paid administrative leave.


Anonymous said...

My guess is that his resignation has nothing to do with his pay rate, especially since upper management likes the high payers. Probably there is a history of other alcohol-related issues and a need for treatment that led to his resignation or placement on administrative leave.

Unknown said...

Have you seen Trey Gowdy's attack on this guy for overturning corrupt denied Social Security cases? Wow! Gerald Krafsur totally inept as Federal Judge!


Anonymous said...

This ole dude should have probably been retired a longgggggggg time ago.
Then he goes on paid admin leave??
Drain the swamp DJT!!