May 9, 2012

Washington State Congressman Fights Office Closure

     Congressman Jim McDermott is fighting an office closure in Seattle, Washington. 
     What sort of office closures do we get if Republicans control the White House, Senate and House of Representatives? Can field offices survive a Romney Presidency? Doing away with field offices could easily be the assignment of a Romney appointee as Commissioner of Social Security. Is it imaginable? Of course, getting rid of Supplemental Security Income would have to be the first step but where would you go from there? 
     If this seems inconceivable, you have not considered the consequences of the Ryan budget, to which Romney has pledged his support. It cuts domestic discretionary spending -- and that includes Social Security's administrative budget -- virtually in half.


Anonymous said...

Just because Ryan wants to cut discretionary spending in half does not mean that the SSA budget would be cut in half.

Quit trying to scare people with your wacky theories about what a Republican administration would mean for SSA.

Anonymous said...

anon at 9:51...right, there are LOTS of things that are discretionary and a 50% reduction in discretionary spending doesn't automatically equal a 50% reduction in SSA budget. It could mean elimination of some things with no reduction in SSA.

On another note, can someone look and see if there has EVER been a case of a politician changing the decision of SSA to close a local field office. By the way, these politicians that are complaining about closing offices are also the ones passing budgets that necessitate a transition to more online (less people required) services.

Anonymous said...

Of course all those who love the idea of drastic cuts in government spending (like the Ryan proposal) think it won't come out of their favorite government services, whether it is SSA, CIA, TSA, or defense. But there just isn't enough money in EPA, FDA, women's health and other favorite teaparty punching bags to save the kind of money we are talking about. Indiscriminate cuts means SSA will be affected in a major way.

Nobbins said...

Could people stop posting whacky comments about Repblicans doing things that would help the lower class?