Dec 8, 2012

More Info On Arizona Bombing

     There seems to be a fair amount of interest on the right about the bombing at a Social Security office in Arizona. has a good roundup of what is known. At this time, there's no way of knowing the intentions of the alleged bomber, Abdullatif Ali Aldosary, but, apparently, he had considerable interest in explosives. There is a report that Aldosary had worked as a day laborer (for a contractor?) at the Social Security office where the bombing occurred. If true, this raises the possibility that Aldosary's grievance arose from an employment situation rather than from a more generalized desire to attack a U.S. government office.
     I hope that all would-be bombers are as incompetent as this one seems to have been.There was no injury to any person and only minimal damage to a building. A suspect was quickly apprehended.

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