Dec 16, 2012

Satellite Office Closes In Hawaii

     Social Security has announced the closing of its satellite office in Kona, Hawaii. The office had only been open four hours a month. Local residents now face a two hour drive each way to conduct business in person at a Social Security office. The satellite office in Kona had been well used. Locals had complained about long lines and limited places to sit. The local mayor said that closing the satellite office was "obviously a decision made by someone not from Hawaii Island.” The decision to close the satellite office affects not just those who are receiving or want to receive Social Security benefits. It affects those who need a replacement Social Security card so they can get a drivers license.


Anonymous said...

they need to train people to at least fax in the local food stamp offices or some other government agency so at least you can send stuff to ss. two hours are hard on disabled and old people. many aliments and money prevent people from making it to these offices.

Anonymous said...

and the local mayor has obviously never faced an impossible budget problem.