Dec 30, 2012

Sequestration Nearly Inevitable

     The Washington Post reports that sequestration seems all but certain to take effect on January 1. Most likely, it will last a couple of months. Social Security could avoid furloughs if sequestration were only to last a few days but it's hard to imagine such a huge cut in the agency's operating budget over a couple of months not resulting in furloughs.
     I was once a federal employee. I know many federal employees. I know that job security is an extraordinarily important consideration for most federal employees. I feel for the federal employees who may suffer partial or total furlough as a result of sequestration but I feel more for the members of the public who will suffer as a result of sequestration. This is a big deal.
     This shouldn't have happened.


Anonymous said...

"This shouldn't have happened".

I agree. Republicans are too busy protecting the wealthy. But until government spending on wars and other countries are greaty reduced
and closer watch(not drastic)of domestic government spending is routine nothing will change.

I'm a democrat.

Anonymous said...

Bring it on. Government spends too much, and the cuts need to be made. If I get furloughed a couple days a month, so be it. I don't mind taking one for the country. I can use a few extra days off each month.

Anonymous said...

This isn't a good way to cut spending. I wouldn't mind being furloughed, but a sudden cut like this will do more harm in the end than it does good in saving money.

That Ezra Klein article talking about congressmen/women caring only about re-election and not worrying about popular sentiment due to the huge increase in super-partisan districts thanks to gerrymandering is a really good read. Seems like there's no real answer to that problem aside from term limits.

Anonymous said...

Wont happen, like Mayan End of Days this is a non event. The can will be kicked down the road. Token offers made, the rest stalled for 90 days or longer. Nothing to see here, nothing new. Dont book that cruise yet, your going to have to work.