Jan 29, 2013

Stay Classy AFGE

     From the Federal Times:
 “I’m pleased that [Astrue's] leaving,” said Witold Skwierczynski, president of the union council that includes SSA [Social Security Administraton] locals, said in a phone interview. In a letter to the White House earlier this month, Skwiercyznski said, the union asked Obama to name either SSA Deputy Commissioner Carolyn Colvin or Nancy Altman, co-director of the advocacy group Social Security Works, as the next commissioner.
     This is the first that I've heard of AFGE expressing an interest in Carolyn Colvin becoming Commissioner. I doubt that the union would have a problem with James Roosevelt or Earl Pomeroy, the other announced candidates for the job, but their names aren't mentioned.

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Anonymous said...

People like Skwierczynski epitomize everything that's wrong with public sector unions. A professional gadfly who does nothing, all on the taxpayers' dime. He's been a "professional Union representative" his whole career. I don't blame Astrue one whit for dealing with him as little as possible.