Jun 14, 2013

Hearing On Protecting Seniors From Online Fraud

     The Senate Special Committee on Aging has scheduled a hearing for June 19 on "Social Security Payments Go Paperless: Protecting Seniors from Fraud and Confusion."
     This hearing stands to be far more useful than the House Social Security Subcommittee's upcoming annual hearing on disability work incentives. It's clear. Work incentives just don't work. However, something has to be done and something will be done to protect Social Security benefits from online fraud.


Anonymous said...

I have the answer: require ALL business with SSA to be done in the office without exception. That's convenient, right?

Anonymous said...

this just in...old people don't know how to use computers.

My grandmother has NEVER used a computer and wouldn't even know how to turn one on.

Anonymous said...

Exactly right, so she MUST go in the office to do business!!! No more phone or internet. It's too easy to commit fraud. Face to face with valid ID!