Jun 23, 2013

Why Is The Chamber Of Commerce Attacking Social Security?

     Jamelle Bouie writing for the Washington Post asks why the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has rededicated itself to a campaign to slash Social Security. Bouie notes that the Chamber's executive director for government affairs recently gave a speech about Social Security that was filled with overstatements and inaccuracies, a speech that seemed lifted from Republican campaign rhetoric. 
     The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has never been a liberal organization but the question is why it wants to attack Social Security. Why not just stick to the knitting -- issues that directly affect business interests?


Anonymous said...

I think the leadership of most of these national organizations (like the NRA) have ceased to represent the interests of their rank-and-file membership. Instead, they take the membership fees/dues and pursue their own, narrow, right-wing agendas.

I would suspect the average, dues-paying Chamber of Commerce member (i.e. small business) would agree that their business benefits by NOT having a large segment of the population (customers) living at or near poverty.

Anonymous said...

probably because their members are tired of paying 6.2% FICA tax