Nov 26, 2013

Distilling The Right Wing's Frustration Over Social Security Into One Title

     Title of a blog post by Gary Galles of the Ludwig von Mises Institute: Killing The "We Paid Our Taxes; We Earned Our Benefits" Social Security Ponzi Meme.


Anonymous said...

Social Security can't be in trouble or Obama wouldn't have cut the amount of Social Security taxes being collected and paid in, would he??

Anonymous said...

President Obama is at best no friend of Social Security.

Although few seemed to realize it, his Payroll Tax Holiday of 2010-2011 was Obama's attempt to undermine the program. Masquerading as economic stimulus, the PTH sought to counter the fact that Social Security has nothing to do with the debt and deficit. Reductions in FICA were replaced by infusions from the general fund, thus adding to the debt. Once people got used to extra take home pay, it would be difficult to reverse the reduction. Then, not enough money coming into the system would lead to pressure to cut benefits.

Obama even sought to severely deepen the existing PTH in 2011 as the main feature of his American Jobs Act.

Clearly, Obama has to be regarded as an enemy of Social Security.

Anonymous said...

Correction to 1:02 PM

The PTH was 2011-2012.