Nov 29, 2013

Was It What You Expected?

     FedSmith visits a Social Security field office.


Anonymous said...

The claims and service representatives do a nice job but the some deadwood in management should be replaced by more service representatives.

Anonymous said...

The article gives a good picture of what it's really like at SSA. I've had several people who, when they found out where I worked, tell me they had come in for an SS card and marveled at how anyone could work there, given the difficult clientele.

However, in my office, the CR who gets the interview, gets the interview. If they don't really know what they're doing (i.e., WEP), hopefully they will be able to find another CR to help them during or after the interview. Or maybe not, in which case who knows whether the claim is processed right. As long as it is processed quickly.

Cynical, I know, but true.

Anonymous said...

He mentions it is a mistake not to have an appointment. ASppts are not possible for every person or every issue. SSN's are never done by appt., and cannot be done on the internet. In my office, things such as benefit estimates were also not done by appt, since there were barely enough reps to make appts for the actual claims to be filed. Use the internet, and if you don't like it, complain to your Congressman, and that's about it, cuz they're not hiring more staff anyway.