Nov 27, 2013

Social Security Gets A/A For Plain Writing

     The Center for Plain Writing is giving the Social Security Administration a grade of A/A for plain writing, higher than any other agency. The first A is for following the requirements of the Plain Writing Act and the second A is for following its spirit.


Anonymous said...

Give Astrue some credit on this one. The former COSS took this subject seriously and made it a priority.

Couerleroi said...

We're not including ODAR decisions, right?

Anonymous said...

This is a joke, right? Even employees have trouble distinguishing benefit paragraphs in notices unless they see the original UTI involved. It may count as "plain language", but the message in the notice is far from clear, especially when you have 6 notices sent in the span of 3 weeks and none of them reference which notices should be disregarded.