Jun 22, 2014

The Perils Of The Disability Trust Fund

     NBC has a story on the predicted exhaustion of Social Security's Disability Trust Fund and what may happen then. The author has tried to present all sides of the issue but misses one, the view that the Disability Trust Fund is doing better than predicted and will either require only a very small, very temporary rescue or no rescue at all. 


Anonymous said...

The OASI and DI trust funds require a small reallocation to prolong the solvency of the DI trust fund. This was wholly anticipated years ago and is something that has been done numerable times in a bipartisan manner. However, this time the Republicans are going to attempt to hold the reallocation hostage in order to get other concessions.

Don Levit said...

The trust fund is set to expire by 2016. The only way full benefits can be paid is by increasing the deficit and the debt held by the public.
Don Levit