Aug 20, 2014


     From WKZO in Washington:
A new public relations campaign is being launched by the Social Security administration. The Someday campaign, as it's being called, will include TV and radio public service announcements, reminding young people of the importance of planning for retirement. Most experts will tell you that Social Security benefits alone won't make for the greatest retirement, and the Someday campaign is trying to get that message across to those who think the least about preparing for their golden years, young people. The Social Security Administration's Vonda VanTil says you'll probably be seeing some ads soon.
"We have some fantastic PSAs that are coming out for the TV and radio, and they're really, really funny and fun to go along with this idea that, someday, you're going to wish that you did a little bit of planning," VanTil told WKZO. "As we all know, the older we get, the more we wish that we had done a little bit of better planning, whether it's for retirement, or anything else for that matter."


Anonymous said...

WKZO is a radio station out of Kalamazoo, MI - not Washington.

And yet another spending spree by the Agency to inform the public that Social Security wasn't meant to be their sole means of support in retirement. Unfortunatley, this message doesn't get through. And I am positive it isn't SSA's job or mission to tell that story.

Look at the amount of waste spent on marketing the services changes - posters, honadouts and out-reach - for changes that havent taken place (twice now).

Yet, SSA continually complains they don't have the resources to do necessary work. Put some of the wasteful spending towards employees. And yes, there is much more waste beyond what I just mentioned here.

Max Abilify said...

Yeah, I'm getting tired of the wasteful agency spending on PR crap, like this and the vampire baby names. No more conferences or management bonuses (particularly SES bonuses) either until they stop closing offices.

Anonymous said...

Managers should not even get bonuses or awards unless at least 50% of their people also got an award. Its the employees who do all the work.