Aug 1, 2014

Smooth Sailing For Colvin

     From the Baltimore Sun:
Criticism of President Barack Obama's nominee to lead the Social Security Administration appeared to evaporate Thursday at a confirmation hearing that featured few questions about controversial service cuts and recent allegations of mismanagement. 
Carolyn W. Colvin's hearing before the Senate Finance Committee — which took place hours ahead of a scheduled monthlong recess — drew only two Republicans and lasted less than an hour, an indication the Maryland native might face an easier path to the job than initially expected.


Anonymous said...

seems rather early to predict perhaps.

no vote taken - most of the Senators including the two from Maryland barely stayed long enough to give her the home state salute.

scores of other hearings going on yesterday to try to get things done before the August vacation "recess".

unless included in a voice vote approval now - seems that this will go into the fall when there might be more detailed hearings and discussions.

Anonymous said...

I'm not 100% certain but with this hearing, this committee will report this out to the full senate. At that time, it is normal then to have a vote on the nomination. The issue is getting it scheduled. Given the obvious clout displayed to get the actual hearing done before recess, it's likely there will be little delay in reporting it out and getting a vote. The WH has already nominated a new Deputy Commissioner an Andrew LaMont Eanes. So I'm guessing the democrat controlled senate will likely get things done before the senate possible changes hands in January.

Anonymous said...

Colvin needs to clean house and sweep out the old Astrue cronies who are still hanging around claiming they had no idea what was going on in Huntington and elsewhere under their watch.