Oct 6, 2015

I Keep Asking: Does This Look Out Of Control?

     The number of people drawing Disability Insurance Benefits from the Social Security Administration declined in September. This number has declined in eleven of the last twelve months. The decline is happening because fewer claims are being filed and approved.


Anonymous said...

really? the awards/applications (second chart) shows an extremely close correlation.

And yes, you keep asking. People keep answer, yes, it is out of control.

Anonymous said...

Fewer claims filed is good, right?

Anonymous said...

Seems to follow what the demographics folks predicted. Baby boomers in disability prone years = increase in applications and approvals. Once that bubble worked its way through, steady # of beneficiaries with gradual decline.

@ 8:28

I don't get your point. If the approval rate doesn't fluctuate wildly, then the graph showing the number of applications and the number of approvals should show, as you say, "an extremely close correlation." That's not out of control. It's what you expect to happen.