Oct 18, 2015

The Sad Situation In Kentucky

     The Lexington Herald-Leader has an op ed from Ned Pillersdorf, the attorney who has brought class actions both against Eric Conn seeking damages for his representation of claimants before the Social Security Administration and against the Social Security Administration for its efforts to cut 1,787 of Conn's former clients off disability benefits. 
      It's a sad situation. It's surprising that we're still waiting for a decision from a federal District Court Judge. It's surprising that Social Security has started holding hearings in these cases. It may only be days before some benefits are terminated. Without intervention from the federal courts within a few months hundreds will have lost benefits.


Anonymous said...

Yes - this is a very sad situation.

As an SSA employee - many of us are disgusted that the political leadership of SSA - all Democrats -have handled this in such a poor way.

Many innocent people are being subjected - unnecessarily to stress and uncertainty of newly made up rules that SSA judges will no doubt apply inconsistently.

While the Commissioner and her executive staff are running around the country trying to promote popularity among employees in an effort to get their rating increased in the federal employee survey - honest people who depend on benefits have to suffer.

Mr. Conn, who seems to be the crook here, is still able to represent people with SSA claims. How can that be? Other representatives are disqualified for far lesser allegations.

The gutless Justice Department under the Democrats does nothing. SSA is on a path of non-compassionate reviews.

Ms. Colvin, her chief of staff and her principal advisors - Judge Cristaudo and Regional Commissioner Disman should be asked for their resignations immediately.

Why doesn't the Congress hold hearings on this type of public service.

KillAllTheRednecks said...

Seems Anon not only has an axe to grind against Democrats, but also wants to have Social Security put under hearings conducted by REPUBLICANS. If the hearings that Planned Parenthood are getting right now is any hint. Such "hearings" would be nothing more than witch hunts and an excuse for gop demagogues to spew out anti-Social Security talking points. To the gop, they have been itching for any excuse to wipe out Social Security for EVERYONE.

Keep in mind that this mess isn't the fault of Democrats but by reoublicans who have been shoving these rules down the SSA's throats.

Anonymous said...

KillAllTheRednecks - hey what a handle......

a clarification on the comments above please = not sure what rules have been shoved
down SSA's throats by "reoublicans" - so we'd like to hear more.

the politicians in charge are responsible regardless of the party or affiliation which may have been in power as the messes developed.

in cleaning up a situation, it seems fair to blame who created it - but the average folks would see this as a breath of fresh air......if those in charge would do the right and fair thing for people who are innocent - or ignorant of what was done on their behalf.

Anonymous said...

Bea Disman was the NY RC. She retired.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 9:35 this morning.

Ms Disman was the NYC RC, she retired - however she un-retired two years ago - and is back as Senior Adviser to Mrs. Colvin working on the ODAR backlog.

Anonymous said...

I retired after 40 years with a DDS and didn't know Bea is back. Bea is 5 years older than I and I ain't no youngster anymore. Sheesh folks!

Anonymous said...

It appears to be following the path that they wanted it too. CDRs have become very difficult lately, the deny them all and let them appeal mood is strong. Its ok, they can rely on the strength of the State and local programs for assistance.

Unfortunately, those involved in making these decisions are totally uniformed on the state of persons with disabilities in the world today. The new America is one that doesnt want to take care of those individuals in fear that someone may get something I dont get. As Rome has gone, so goes the world.