Oct 2, 2015

Consensus Forming?

     Another sign that a consensus is forming in favor of some sort of transfers from Social Security's Retirement and Survivors Trust Fund to its Disability Trust Fund, accompanied by some sort of tweak to the disability work incentives. There will be claims that the tweak will encourage disabled people to return to work but they'll actually do the opposite since that's the only way to save money. We'll have to hope there isn't some secret agenda which will only be released after the 2016 election.

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Anonymous said...

Over 30 years if research suggests that employers pay back all of the workers compensation benefits to SSA, where the SSA had to pay for the employers compensation. This includes the DOD to, since the DOD doesn't pay out it's benefits to our disabled vets who can only rely on SSA & Medicare or their private insurance. The government has been ripped off by employers including the DOD. So if Congress is looking for a scapegoat, then it needs to look at itself for allowing employers to get away with paying their share of WC benefits as well as not having to pay out FICA because those disabled workers on SSI ( should have been on SSDI)isn't funded by employer's FICA, giving employers ALL the financial breaks as usual. Millions on SSI or SSDI and employers pay zilch.In fact, one only needs to look a little more closely and they'll see that this was all rigged anyway to pay cheaper wages to newcomers after injuring their higher paid workers. This is as sinister as it gets. Congress betrayed the American workers and disabled vets. The national economists org give all the false facts to back up Congress's by blaming everybody else but where it belongs, CONGRESS WORKING FOR EMPLOYERS & IT'S CALLED BEING BUSINESS FRIENDLY. BTW, nobody wants to be disabled or ill only to receive 1/6th or less of what they use to make. NOBODY!