Dec 28, 2015

Field Office Employee Disgusted

     One Social Security employee is disgusted by the working conditions at her field office.


Anonymous said...

SSA has a terrible track record when it comes to promptly responding to valid employee complaints, whether it be concern over a potential bed bug infestation in an office, or a toxic work environment which has the potential to erupt further if left unchecked, in some cases for years and years. Lawsuits have even been brought against SSA by non-bargaining unit employees over such documented concerns, and SSA will still ignore it, do nothing and allow the situation to fester and grow even further.

When the bubble bursts again and numerous others have been targeted, hurt and lives destroyed, the Agency then goes into massive cover-up mode, and facilitates the conduct of the employee/managerial perpetrators even more by refusing to discipline or remove them, even for criminal misconduct brought to their attention from results of DOJ, SSA OIG, US Marshall's, and FBI investigations; continues to award the perpetrators with large bonuses and/or promotions, especially those in management; and if necessary, willingly provides paid administrative leave to the employee/managerial perpetrators in outrageous sums while at the same time denying the same to those employees who were intentionally targeted and lives literally upended by the employee/managerial perpetrators.

Is Regime change necessary? You bet, and it has been long overdue.

Anonymous said...

2:10pm--would you care to provide any examples? This sounds way over the top and highly unlikely.

Anonymous said...

Oh no a single bug how awful. I wish the wish the worst part of my job was one time seeing a single bug

Anonymous said...

For those without an appreciation of the gravity of finding a bedbug: I serve on the board of directors of a battered women's shelter. A few years ago, we had one client come in who contaminated her room. The doggone little beasts don't just stay in bedding--they get down into all types of furniture, and it is often necessary to destroy the occupied furniture and other materials to rid the premises entirely of the problem. When you see one of them, you can be certain that there are many, many more lurking in hard-to-access locations. Waiting and taking small steps will not solve the problem--prompt, strong actions are needed.