Dec 31, 2015

Workers Comp Offset Change

     From a notice that Social Security is posting in the Federal Register on Monday:
We propose to amend our regulations to incorporate changes made by the ABLE Act to section 224(a) of the Social Security Act. The ABLE Act amends section 224(a) by changing the age at which disability insurance benefits (DIB) are no longer subject to reduction (offset) based on receipt of workers’ compensation or public disability benefits (WC/PDB), from age 65 to the day the individual attains full retirement age. This change will make our rules consistent with the provisions of the Act, as amended by the ABLE Act


Anonymous said...

The benefits stay the same with no adjustment for what a disabled injured worker should have gotten, prior to. No increase either for the 20% retirement. SSA is like other fed agencies. It operates on it's own steam with no oversight or accountability. Why does Congress allow this? Is it to further help undermine any/all federal govt, all to just privatize it all?

Anonymous said...

anon 3:21pm,

Uh, what are you ranting about? Congress passed the ABLE act and changed the law. SSA now has to implement it, which it is doing. Worker's comp offsets now end at FRA for all individuals (i.e. when DIB recipients convert to RIB). It used to be this way when FRA was age 65, but the law wasn't changed at the time FRA began to increase.

If you've got a problem with it, you need to go yell at your congressional representatives since they were the ones who apparently p#ssed in your Cheerios.

Anonymous said...

What is that first poster even talking about?