Jun 10, 2016

NPRM On Excluded Medical Evidence

     From a Notice of Proposed Rule-Making (NPRM) that Social Security had published in the Federal Register today (footnotes omitted):
In accordance with section 812 of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 (BBA section 812), we propose to revise our rules to explain how we would address evidence furnished by medical sources that meet one of BBA section 812’s exclusionary categories (statutorily excluded medical sources). Under this proposed rule, we would not consider evidence furnished by a statutorily excluded medical source unless we find good cause to do so. We propose several circumstances in which we would find good cause, and we also propose to require statutorily excluded medical sources to notify us of their excluded status when they furnish evidence to us. ...
Specifically, we may not consider evidence from the following medical sources:
• A medical source convicted of a felony under sections 208 or 1632 of the Act,
• a medical source excluded from participating in any Federal health care program under section 1128 of the Act, or
• a medical source imposed with a civil monetary penalty (CMP).


Anonymous said...

Could easily hurt the innocent who've seen one doctor almost exclusively. I get the reasoning, but creating a rule and then allowing an exception in this case is going to be uphill.


Deborah Richards said...

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