Jun 20, 2016

Many Comments On Gun Control Proposal

     There are 3,774 comments already on Social Security's Notice of Proposed Rule-Making that would require that the Social Security Administration refer individuals with a history of serious mental illness to a database used to prevent certain people from buying firearms. Comments will be allowed until July 5.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure they are rational and well-reasoned. :)

Dina Padilla said...

I tried today to give a comment but it will not allow any more comments.
Starting back in the letter 80's, when injured workers had no choice but to apply for SSDI, it was often the case that totally disabled injured worker was given SSA benefits based on mental issues. but not on their physical injuries which were completely ignored by the SSA rather convenient for employers. Today the SSA will give an injured worker SSI and just say they are delusional even when the injured worker never ever claimed a mental disorder. There's something wrong with this whole picture and now they want to take away their 2nd amendment rights. How convenient for the republicans to once more figure out a way to oppress and blatantly take away American citizens rights.

Anonymous said...

Dina: I'm not sure of your background and whether you work within the SSA system or represent claimants or have no real involvement with the process. The statements you make are completely unfounded. Do you have any factual basis for your claims? Please enlighten us.

Anonymous said...

I know the budget is tight at SSA, but I do have a proposal. Whoever the poor person at SSA is who has the job of reading all those comments and responding deserves a raise.

iwhistleblower said...

I support ALL Dina Padilla Says.

I worked at State Fund in California where they bribed judges to avoid jail over all the money looted from comp by the insurance carriers NOT by injured workers.

this is why SSN and SSI is the benefit systems of "last resort" for injured workers UNJUSTLY denied comp as the states AND the carriers collude to loot benefit dollars that should be paid out as benefits to injured workers not as profits to companies or to pay for a system like in California which is so HUGE it costs how much of our yearly benefits in overhead alone, not including state paid salaries and pensions which are typically kept invisible intentionally by the state.

is it over 50% yet?

i am Tom Curtis - iwhistleblower on Facebook or find me on LinkedIn, i tell the same truths about the fraudulent worker's compensation system there too.

It is so CORRUPTED by politicians and rich people seeking more riches, that is what the problem is.

all the rest is a smoke screen, so nobody sees the emperor has no clothing -

Anonymous said...

@12:25 and Dina

I agree with you on the fact that workers compensation insurers are clever schemers when it comes to dumping a lot of their responsibilities and liabilities on others, especially the taxpayers. They deny a lot of legit claims and SSI, SSD, Medicaid and Medicare (which means the U.S. taxpayer) picks up the tab. It's a problem that deserves attention if you can get past all their lobbyists to a politician. What does that have to do with gun control though?

Anonymous said...

Politician A "Guns for everyone"

Crowd: “BOOO!”

Politician B “No Guns for anyone”

Crowd: “BOOO!”

Politician A: "Guns for some, miniature American Flags for others"

Crowd: “ Yeah!”

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Anonymous said...

Probably half of my clients got a step 3 significant mental impairment, generally anxiety and depression.

As it's repeatedly pointed out, it's quasi-judicial, not judicial. Making a Second Amendment determination without a judicial hearing? Please, no.