Dec 2, 2016

Gun Control Regulations Sent To OMB

     The Social Security Administration has sent final rules to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) that will require the agency to provide information on claimants who have been appointed representative payees to a database used to determine eligibility to buy firearms. If approved, the final regulations will be posted in the Federal Register. There is still time for these to come into effect before President Obama leaves office but OMB must act fast. Inauguration day is January 20. There has to be a 30 day notice period after final regulations are published before they come into effect. if these regulations become final before inauguration day, it takes a long process to take them off the books.
     By the way, nothing about this proposal would remove firearms from anyone's possession. This is only about the ability to purchase firearms. Also, the notion put forward by some gun nuts that representative payees are appointed to handle the benefits of people who have only minor problems is ridiculous. The only people I see getting representative payees appointed are severely impaired. 
     In reading comments on this board, whether in response to this or other posts, remember that some commenters are paid shills who don't hesitate to lie about their knowledge or experience.


Anonymous said...

While there is some logic behind this, I expect we will see a huge pushback from the NRA and others lobbies. I don't expect it to go into law.

Anonymous said...

Payees are assigned, in my experience, when substance abuse and/or mental impairment is at issue.

I could count on one hand the number of representative payees suggested when the case truly does not warrant it. The only instances that spring to mind are when a long-sober individual is suggested to need a representative payee due to a history of substance abuse. This is not particularly uncommon, but assignment of a payee under those circumstances can be disputed with a simple letter.

<-not a paid shill.
<--I claim no exceptional knowledge or experience and acknowledge my minimal knowledge and experience may differ from others.

Anonymous said...

Any experienced CR knows that giving a payee to someone with a drug problem is a huge waste of time. They will allege misuse on anyone who doesn't hand over the check or give them the direct express card.

Anonymous said...

That is correct!

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