Dec 30, 2016

Man Arrested For Bringing Pistol Into Social Security Office

     A man was arrested yesterday after bringing a pistol into the Social Security field office in Mobile, AL.


Anonymous said...

My wife works in the hearing office there because they share a building. None of the employees in the office were notified that this happened. There are no metal detectors in that office. Their building's parking garage is wide open to the public too.

She cares exactly as much about their restrictions on carrying on federal property as they do about employee safety.

Anonymous said...

if things dont get better ...there are going to be shootings at the ssi office a lot

Anonymous said...

Guns, knives, the hatchet the NH slept with under his pillow, a 3 gallon Molotov cocktail, bomb threats, unidentified powder in envelopes, human fecal matter smeared on forms, active TB, HIV+ spitting NH, cars keyed and on and on and on, just a list of reasons I do not miss being a CR.