Dec 19, 2016

Merry Christmas?


SewTypical said...

awwww... Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays, etc.

PS Got my Soc Sec stmt for 2017 - it went up $3/month - woo hoo!
oh, wait - the Medicare deduction went up $3 too. (sigh!)

Anonymous said...

What really sucks for injured workers on SSDI( or really SSI) is THAT they have to pay for their own medical care for medicare out of their pithy monthly SSDI(SSI)benefits. But they're still on SSI & not SSDI. Something wrong with this picture. AND those in govt call us the frauds????

Anonymous said...

A person on SSDI will get Medicare after 24 months of continued disability (plus the 5 month waiting period)and if low enough income and resources can then apply for additional assistance with the LIS (Low Income Subsidy) for Part D assistance. If income and resource level is low enough for the state in which they reside, SSDI folks can apply for assistance with Medicaid in the state. A QMB (Qualified Medicare Beneficiary) gets the Pat B premiums and deductible covered by the state.

SSI folks due to the proven low income level should qualify for Medicaid in the state they live in for medical coverage. Both of these programs do have some level of payment connected with them. Everyone pays for healthcare.