May 12, 2009

Social Security Subcommitee Hearing Scheduled

From a notice posted by the Social Security Subcommittee:
Congressman John S. Tanner (D-TN), Chairman, Subcommittee on Social Security, today announced a hearing on the Social Security Administration’s (SSA’s) employment support programs for disability beneficiaries, including the Ticket to Work Program. The hearing will take place on Tuesday, May 19, 2009 ...

[A]n April 2009 report by the SSA Inspector General found that SSA was not acting quickly enough to terminate the benefits of disability beneficiaries who lose eligibility because they have returned to work. This has been a longstanding concern. Past testimony before the Subcommittee has reported that former beneficiaries have been overpaid tens of thousands of dollars due to SSA’s delays in terminating benefits, even if beneficiaries have informed the agency that they are working. The threat of receiving large overpayments which must later be repaid can be a significant work disincentive for disability beneficiaries. In addition, the failure to terminate benefits in a timely way increases costs to the Social Security Trust Fund, as overpaid funds may not be completely recovered.


Anonymous said...

Another "DUH" moment--no staff to process work reports or complete work-issue CDR's. So, another hearing to investigate the problem. Can Congress get any dumber.

Anonymous said...

I think Congress can get dumber, and will continue to be dumb in general. Look at the big mess SSA is still in. Oh yeah, and look at the big mess the nation is in. I'm not surprised a lot of beneficiaries leave the country, but still live on US funds.