May 15, 2009

Speaking Of The King


Nancy Ortiz said...

Gee--And you can still see the perforations on the bottom edge of the card! The card's real. Now, is it really his card or just a clever counterfeit? I would like to know who has this card and why in the world s/he is putting it out on the web etc for the world to see. You know, performers' copyright and other royalites continue for as long as their works are used and are posted as wages on the E/R long after the performer's death. So, that is an active number for SSA's purposes, if valid. Hmmm. Whaddaya think?

Anonymous said...

Under SSA regs, the deceased have no right to privacy. That is why Elvis' SSN is on the Social Security death index that is used by genealogy websites--go look for yourself. Millions of deceased persons' SSN's are available to the public view.