Dec 13, 2010

And It's Not Even Popular!

A Washington Post poll shows that 57% of Americans oppose reducing the FICA tax by two percent. Even most Republicans oppose it. It is the only part of the package opposed by most people.

I think people understand the risk and they don't like it.


Anonymous said...

What were the questions ask and how were they asked? You can get a poll to say just about anything with the questions asked.

Anonymous said...

Good point. And overall support for the "compromise" seems to be strong, somewhere around 70 percent. So some of it stinks; as Obama keeps pointing out to his left wing-nuts, some aspect of every compromise "stinks" for someone. Or it ain't a compromise.

Ed said...

This tax compromise is unnecessary and will result in the destruction of Social Security. It advances the exaustion of the trust fund by 14 years to 2013. It reduces social security to just another budget item and will cause it to become means tested and similar to welfare. It will be a sad day if it passes.