Dec 14, 2010

Senate Omnibus Bill

The Senate version of an omnibus appropriations bill is out and it calls for $11.63 billion for Social Security generally (page 1083). Of that $1.86 million must be spent "only to increase the Social Security Administration’s acquisition workforce capacity and capabilities" and $283 million only for continuing disability reviews. There is another $513 million appropriated for additional continuing disability reviews on top of the $11.63 billion generally. The House bill called for $11.24 billion for Social Security. The President's recommendation had been $12.38 billion. At least, I think these are the numbers. I find appropriations bills to be extremely confusing.

I have no idea about the prospects for passage. I would like to think that the personnel who prepared this 1,924 page bill did not waste their time.

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Anonymous said...

Well, the bill is LOADED with earmarks. Now personally, I don't find earmarks to be a big deal. The money will be spent one way or another, and with an earmark, it will be spent as some Congressperson wishes, rather than as some member of the Executive branch desires. So for me, it's not a fiscal issue. But then, it has turned into a huge matter for the Tea Partiers, it seems, and while this Congress is not the next Congress, it may sink the Senate bill. Look for a Continuing Resolution to appear in the end. And that ain't all bad for SSA.