Dec 27, 2010

Permanent End For FCIP

From the Washington Post:
President Obama plans to issue an executive order, perhaps as early as this week, ending a federal internship program that critics say circumvents proper hiring practices.

The program has drawn fire from federal employee unions and from the government board that oversees federal hiring practices, which ruled in November that the program undermined the rights of veterans, in particular, who were seeking federal work.

According to a draft copy of the executive order, which The Washington Post obtained from a person involved with the review process, the program will be terminated in March and be replaced with a program clearly designed to provide short-term federal work opportunities for recent graduates of schools of all kinds.


Anonymous said...

Executive Order was issued yesterday 12/27/10.

Anonymous said...

"Dropping the program could help smooth the relationship between organized labor and the White House. Those relations sunk when Obama proposed a two-year federal pay freeze, to take effect in January."

Yeah, I know I feel better now. LOL