Jan 13, 2011

eCAT Working

From a recent study by Social Security's Office of Inspector General (OIG):
eCAT is a Web-based application designed to document the analysis made by a disability adjudicator and ensure all relevant Agency policies are considered during the disability adjudication process. eCAT produces a Disability Determination Explanation (DDE) that documents the detailed analysis and rationale for either allowing or denying a claim. ...

As of September 30, 2010, SSA had implemented eCAT in 37 sites. The Agency continues eCAT’s gradual rollout and expects completion in May 2011. ...

Our review found that SSA’s eCAT application is a useful tool in documenting the analysis of initial disability claims. ...

During our site visits, eCAT users commented that the application
  • was a valuable training tool for newly hired examiners;
  • produced comprehensive disability determinations and decision rationales;
  • provided consistent uniform documentation for the disability determination;
  • reinforced the disability determination process;
  • streamlined the disability evaluation; and
  • made it difficult to miss a step in the disability adjudication process. ...
We will continue following eCAT’s rollout to all levels of adjudication—field office, DDS, and ODAR.


Anonymous said...

The scheduled presentation of this change to the affected unions for requuired or permissive negotiations is when?

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't that be state unions? Don't believe SSA negotiates with State unions.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about unions?? Certainly not COS Astrue.... Anyway, eCat may be a good training tool for newer DDS examiners, but it is a pain the the mind for experienced staff. It will never fly in ODAR and is totally unneeded for examiners with more than 2 years experience or as a "re-education tool" for poor performers in DDS.

Anonymous said...

and yet I continue to receive notices that contain incorrect statements of the law.

For example, "You have no permanent mental impairment". There is no permanency requirement for disability.


We only considered your claim up until the time you are last eligible (DLI) suggesting, to me at least, benefits cannot be paid after DLI. Obviously not true if found disabled on or before DLI and disability continues until at least fourteen months prior to application

Maybe this is only in my State but if the standard template is not correct under the law, it misleads adjudicators and claimants with regards to their claims