Mar 6, 2013

Hearings Postponed

     Because of predicted snowfall, the House Appropriations hearing for Social Security's administrative budget that had been scheduled today has been postponed. There has been no announcement on tomorrow's House Social Security Subcommittee hearing.

     Update: The House Social Security Subcommittee hearing has been postponed to March 14. No new date yet for the House Appropriations Committee hearing.

     Further Update: The predicted snowfall in Washington is less than one inch. However, the wind is blowing 25-35 miles per hour. Social Security offices in the D.C. area are open today.

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Anonymous said...

The Appropriations Hearing was postponed because the Continuing Resolution and its Rule were before the House; all Committee Members are expected to be on the Floor or very close by. This is standard practice and has been for 30+ years to my personal knowledge.