Mar 15, 2013

What Could Go Wrong?

     Britain is planning to reduce its expenditures under its Social Security disability program by 20%. All it will take is cutting 200,000 people off benefits. One of the contractors hired to do the chopping, Capita, plans to hire "meeters and greeters, buddies if you like, to ensure that people aren't overly anxious as they wait for their assessment." Capita has shown its sensitivity by hiring Stephen Duckworth, a wheelchair bound man, to head the program to assess the disability benefits recipients. Duckworth is confident that things will go smoothly.
     It will be a good thing to have this project going on in Britain as lawmakers in the U.S. are deciding what should be done about the looming shortfall in the Disability Trust Fund. If things go smoothly in Britain, as Mr. Duckworth expects, we could try the same thing in the U.S.

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