May 24, 2013

Could It Happen Here?

      From the Daily Mail:
A couple have spoken of their disbelief after just one of their disabled identical twin sons, who both have Downs Syndrome, was granted vital disability benefits while the other was refused.
Little Arthur and Alfie, both 10 months old, share the exact same medical conditions and need the same round-the-clock care. But a government ruling has found that only Arthur was entitled to Disability Living Allowance of £76 per week.
Mum Emma Banks-Lowe, 33, said the decision had left her 'gobsmacked' because the boys, born just one minute apart, share exactly the same medical issues and require round-the-clock care.
     With the effort to draw a distinction between mosaic and non-mosaic Down Syndrome in the SSI program here in the U.S., I could see something like this happening here.

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Anonymous said...

Down Syndrome, along with documentation, would be presumptive here if I'm not mistaken. So initially, both would have gotten SSI until the medical evidence was reviewed. Hard to see it happening but then again...