May 28, 2013

Political Patronage Jobs On Social Security Tribunal

     From The Canadian Press:
Up to a third of the people who landed cushy patronage jobs on the new Social Security Tribunal gave money to the Conservative party, public records show.
As many as 16 of the 48 people so far appointed to the tribunal donated money to the party, riding associations or candidates, according to Elections Canada records. None of the appointees appear to have given money to any other political party. ...
The new tribunal will also hear appeals from Canada Pension Plan and old-age security claimants.
The Social Security Tribunal appointments are full-time jobs that come with hefty salaries.
Most full-time members of the new tribunal earn between $91,800 and $107,900, while some earn between $105,900 and $124,500. Vice-chairs earn up to $164,600, while the chair makes up to $231,500.


Anonymous said...

Not surprising.
In the US, one would expect more than 1/3 have made one or more contributions in the recent past to "the party" or related ideological group for any patronage appointment.

Anonymous said...

Most ambassadorships are given out based on patronage.