May 1, 2013

Online Fraud Attempt

     From KSDK:
The Social Security Administration says complaints of fraud linked to online social security accounts are isolated. 
NewsChannel 5 broke the story Monday that people had gotten letters about an online account they hadn't signed up for. 
Late Tuesday afternoon, the St. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office reached out to victims via Facebook, offering ways to protect themselves. 
The Social Security Administration sent a statement Tuesday saying its representatives have assisted customers to address their concerns about the issue. 
A viewer who got one of those letters told us Monday that between 20 and 40 people took their letters to the SSA office in Fenton Monday morning. Someone used their social security numbers to go online and try to steal their social security checks. 


Anonymous said...

The public needs to have confidence that applying online will be secure in order for the system to work. It is only a matter of time before the system gets hacked and no backup plan currently exists due to budget cuts. Welcome to our new world of identity theft.

Anonymous said...

online fraud in bank and address changes are rampant. the access should be shut down immediately until greater security can be ensured. Old folks getting scammed do not care about the percentages!