May 18, 2013

Transition Report For The New Commissioner Of Social Security

     The Strengthen Social Security Coalition has produced a "Transition Report for the New Commissioner of Social Security", not that there is any sign that President will soon nominate a new Commissioner.
     Below is the press conference at which the report was introduced.      A bit more could have been done to promote this report and press conference.


Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw that one of the topics was "SSI Outreach" my eyes glazed over and I reached for a beer. Sure, if you want to double the number of employees, which is not happening ever. The little I forced myself to read was so far off the mark that the entire report is likely to be useless.

Anonymous said...

"Issue written policy informing employees that high-quality,
informed service is the most important job at SSA and that
job performance will be measured on this basis."

Wow. That would require a 180 degree turnaround in from our current policy of "Numbers Rule".

Anonymous said...

"[H]igh-quality, informed service is the most important job at SSA." Yeah, right! If so, the Agency will settle the action commenced by the ALJ union, replace senior level managers across the country, begin to retrain high-producing ALJs and decision writers across the country, take steps to ensure applications are better developed at the DDS level, and allow state agency physicians sufficient time to fully review the records. Of course, none of that will happen, so the Agency will continue down the wrong road at full speed.