Sep 23, 2013

Us Refusing Social Security Agreement With India

     From the Hindustan Times:
The US has refused to enter into a social security agreement with India, something that New Delhi has been pursuing for over a decade, which would have benefited lakhs [hundreds of thousands] of Indian workers who have worked or working there on short-tem visas.
The US said they cannot agree for such a pact as the social security regimes in two countries are not compatible. India have been arguing that despite different systems of social security in place, European countries like Germany and France, as well as Canada have inked such pacts with India. ...
"Countries like France and Germany, with whom US has a similar pact, had entered into a social security agreement with us. These countries also have social systems different from that of US," said Indian sources. Incidentally, Japan and South Korea are the two countries US have social security pacts with in Asia.

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