Sep 30, 2013

Abandon All Hope

     If you have some residual hope that a last minute deal will prevent a government shutdown at midnight, take a look at the National Review's tweettracker.


Anonymous said...

My hope is that some democrats will realize that the USA is not a dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

What happens ultimately is Social Security and Medicare get gutted because our president's back was to the wall dontcha' know. The Dems lose big in 2014. The end.

The above is a comment to an article from Politico. Sums it up perfectly. This has always been about the desire of both parties to cut S.S. and Medicare while maneauvering to lay blame on eachother.

Anonymous said...


dawg, the guy and his party are staying strong on keeping implented the biggest achievement of his presidency. He won re-election and the supremes OK'd it. Had the people hated the ACA so much, they would have elected the other guy. Jeez louise, get over it.

Anonymous said...

Since the GOP seems to believe that the President will somehow blink and delay implementation of the ACA (against all historical evidence that this will instead bite the GOP in the a**) why not go all the way? Demand that Obama and Biden resign office in return for funding the government. Demand that that Boehner become the President or the government stays shut down!

It's just about as realistic as thinking that the President will cave on the ACA.