Jan 16, 2014

Did Social Security's Own Office Of General Counsel Decline To Prosecute NY Fraud Cases?

     In her written statement at today's House Social Security Subcommittee hearing, Acting Social Security Commissioner Colvin said that "In cases where Federal prosecutors do not take action on fraud cases presented by the OIG [Office of Inspector General], our Office of the General Council agency attorneys may prosecute these cases instead."
     Does this mean that it wasn't just the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York who refused to prosecute the alleged disability fraud in New York City, that OIG had to shop these cases around to the state District Attorney because Social Security's own Office of General Counsel also refused to prosecute the cases?


Anonymous said...

"may prosecute" is a far distance from "will prosecute" or "can prosecute".....

has anyone ever seen any OGC attorney directly involved in any prosecution case?

Anonymous said...

never heard of that, 12:20.

I'm equally bowled over that Colvin called OGC the "Office of General Council." This is what happens when non-attorneys get put in charge of law office functions. They misspell words like "Counsel." Sigh.