Jan 10, 2014

Offsetting Disability Benefits For Unemployment Benefits

     Michael Hiltzik at the Los Angeles Times doesn't like the idea of reducing Social Security disability benefits because of the receipt of unemployment insurance benefits. As he points out, this would only estimated to save $100 million a year. That estimate almost certainly doesn't include the cost of implementation. The cost of implementing new Social Security provisions is never taken into consideration. There's also the problem of state laws that run an offset in the opposite direction potentially subjecting a claimant to double offsetting.


Anonymous said...

This looks like a done deal with President Obama the Senate Democratic leader backing it. I doubt the rank and file Democrat Senators are going to fight this. The Republicans love it. So, again, it looks like a done deal.

Is anyone surprised that this is being pushed by Democrats?

Anonymous said...

Give everything away. All cops and firemen should be deemed disabled once they file an application for benefits. Phony TP evidence is conclusive.