Jan 3, 2014

Mass Social Security Scam In New York City??

     The New York Daily News is reporting, with no detail, that "More than 100 suspected scammers — most of them retired city cops and firefighters — could be arrested as soon as next week for making bogus claims of stress-related illnesses to bilk Social Security for big bucks ..." Maybe this will happen but note the use of the word "could" in that sentence. I think that most newspapers would not publish a sentence like that.

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Anonymous said...

i don't know if this allegation is true but it is commonly rumored that many nypd and fdny employees retire with city disability pensions and it is questionable how disabled they really are. many go on to get second jobs and second pensions. obviously the disability standards for city employees is not as stringent than social security's standards are. nevertheless, i would not be surprised if this scam does indeed turn out to be true.