Jan 28, 2014

Blast E-Mail From Acting Commissioner

I want to share with you the good news about our operating budget for fiscal year (FY) 2014. 

We began FY 2014 without an appropriation, which was followed by continuing resolutions.  I am pleased to report that Congress has approved, and the President has signed, legislation that provides funding for the remainder of the fiscal year.  With this funding, we will be able to expand our capacity to complete more of our cost-effective continuing disability reviews (CDR), improve our service to the American public, and enhance our vigorous fraud prevention efforts. 

Our FY 2014 funding will allow us to bolster our program integrity activities that reduce improper payments and help combat fraud, waste, and abuse.  Protecting taxpayer dollars has always been a priority, and the recent budget debates have magnified its importance.  While program integrity is a priority, service to the public is, of course, job one.  We will use our funding to increase overtime and restore some staffing losses in critical frontline positions.  This will help us reduce backlogs and wait times in many of our workloads. 

I commend you for enduring the last few years of uncertainty and difficult circumstances.  Through it all, you continued to provide the compassionate services that Americans depend on at the most critical times of their lives.  It is because of your steadfast commitment that we find ourselves in better circumstances today.  Our approved funding indicates that Members of Congress recognize all that you do and that they can count on you to use this funding to enforce greater program integrity and improve our world-class public service. 

Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and patience.  You have always been, and always will be, our most valuable asset.  I know I can count on you to continue your unwavering commitment to serve the American public.

Carolyn W. Colvin
Acting Commissioner


Anonymous said...

I thought the final approved budget was lower than the president's proposal. And even with the president's proposed SSA appropriation, service was supposed to be adversely affected. So why the sunshine by the Commissioner? Is this just political-speak or do they really think CDRs will increase and backlogs decrease with this budget?

Anonymous said...

It's a "please nominate me for Commish" piece, nothing more. Sad thing is, she needn't beg. Doesn't appear this administration cares enough to search out a qualified candidate.

Anonymous said...

Press Secretary Jay Carney says Obamacare worth any political price- including Loss of Democratic control of the Senate.

So Obamacare is worth privatization of Social Security and voucherized Medicare.

Who are these people?

Anonymous said...

The ink on the appropriations check may barely be dry, but the Appeals Council has already announced its plan to use some of the money to give promotions out to its attorneys. woohoo!

Anonymous said...

@ 6:12

not being a hater (SAA at ODAR), just have genuine curiosity based on lack of knowledge--what is the usual career ladder for AC attorneys, and what promotions are being given out (a brand new higher grade, like to 14? Or just usual promotions that hadn't been happening lately?)

If anyone is so inclined, I'd love an explanation.