Feb 3, 2015

A Small Item

     This is from the President's budget proposal for the next fiscal year:
The Budget will require OASDI [Old Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance] recipients seeking overpayment waivers to grant SSA [Social Security Administration] authority to certify financial information. This new authority would extend the current practice of requiring SSI [Supplemental Security Income] recipients to provide SSA authorization to access data from their financial institutions to determine their available resources. Currently, there is no verification of financial assets for overpayment waiver claims for OASDI

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Big Brother, here we come! Anyone watch "Person of Interest"? Looks like they really are watching us all.
I'm unaware of wide-spread fraud by folks requesting waiver -- SSA denies most waivers, saying the person is at fault. This provision would only even make a difference in the relatively small number of waivers which proceed to "inability to repay".