Feb 6, 2015

Number Of People Drawing Disability Benefits Declines For Fourth Straight Month

     Social Security has released an updated table which shows that the number of people drawing Disability Insurance Benefits declined in January. This is the fourth straight month of decline. Here is the number of people drawing the disability benefits for the last four months and from a year ago: 
  • Jan 2014      8,930,246
  • Sep 2014     8,958,415
  • Oct 2014     8,957,699
  • Nov 2014    8,956,269
  • Dec 2014    8,954,518
  • Jan 2015     8,943,579


Anonymous said...

just a sign of the continued aging of the workforce.

As people become eligible for retirement benefits, they no longer collect disability.

Anonymous said...

9:44, you are so correct and yet, Charles can't figure that out. Obviously it is some Republican trick to screw disabled people out of something.